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In the fall of 2012, five years after using e-learning as one of the foundations of our company, we decided to create a new type of school that would use a combination of digital contents and real lessons.

Aside from creating the highest quality of lessons in our actual classrooms, we also endeavor to create applications and other tools, digital and not, to aid students in using their time at home in a way that is most beneficial for their studies.

>>TORAIZ >>Kent School of English

TORAIZ is the fully assisted program to master English in a year for busy business people.

Both Japanese bilingual private trainer and native English teacher help each trainee make good progress with English by encouraging studying for 3 hours a day (1,000 hours a year) and aid the trainees in achieving the goal of mastering English in a year by every possible means.


Kent School of English was founded 30 years ago and has accumulated many years of English education know-how.

Our school has English classes taught by native speakers, as well as grammar and test prep classes taught by Japanese teachers. We provide lessons for a wide range of ages, levels, and stituations.

All of our teachers are native English speakers who are qualified to teach English and have done so in various places around the world. Kent operates with full-time teachers who have a responsibility to their classes.

Each of our teachers is responsible for their classes and students for the entire semester. We consider it important to have our teachers be responsible for the same students for at least a semester, so that students and teachers can feel a sense of unity, a sense of affinity, and a sense of trust during lessons.

Kent has prepared a curriculum that uses 30 years of know-how and research into teaching methods to create classes that are effective and work as well as possible for every age and level.

■Parent and Child Classes
A joint class for parents and children, aimed at parents who want to raise their children in a bilingual environment from as early as possible.

■Toddlers and Young Children
Using games, songs, and simple role-plays these classes allow children to learn English naturally while playing.

■Elementary School Students
Using various activities, as well as TPR and role-playing, these classes help young students learn the basics of English.

■School English Course
These are individual tutoring sessions, at the student’s level, and using the student’s school textbook.

■Middle School Courses
These courses are aimed to utilize the English that students are learning at school in a fun way, during real English conversation.

■High School Courses
These courses aim to take the passive English knowledge that students have and help them use it in an active way during real English interactions.

■English Conversation Courses
These courses are desgined to match the level of students and teach English in an engaging and effective manner.

■Business English Courses
These courses with a native speaker will help students learn necessary English for a business setting, including set phrases and vocabulary.

■Overseas Transfer and Intensive Courses
These intensive courses are individually prepared for students who will be travelling overseas for business or study abroad and want to learn as much as possible before they leave.

■Overseas Transfer and Intensive Courses
These are private lessons, taught by a Japanese teacher, and aimed at students who are preparing to take the Eiken Examination.

■TOEIC/TOEFL Preparation Courses
These courses are to help students reach their target score on the TOEIC or TOEFL examination.

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