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Tryon aims to provide many people with an easy way to match their own needs with an education opportunity. To this end, we work in the digital education sector.

Education via the internet is becoming standard around the world, and we think will surely continue to spread throughout Japan. In line with our thinking, since its establishment, Tryon has been working on e-learning.

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“Nounai College” is Japan’s largest and most comprehensive digital lecture portal site, and prides itself on having the greatest number of online lectures available.

The courses on the site are primarily in video form and cover a wide variety of subjects: computers, business, qualifications, SPI practice tests, etc.; as well as lectures on hobbies, sports, and even health and beauty.

Joining the portal is relatively inexpensive and easy, and allows users the convenience of having all of the lectures available online, to access whenever and wherever they would like.


We are always searching for new lectures to publish on “Nounai College”.

“Nounai College” supports video, flash, text, and various other forms of lectures. We are always open to accepting new education based lectures from those who submit them. We are able to post these lectures and also sell them on the portal.
As explain further down on the site, we also have a service for business related consumers.

If you are interested in posting lectures please use the inquiry form to contact us.

For more information please fill out an inquiry form here >>

TOEIC ® / English Pronunciation / English Conversation / Korean Conversation / etc.

Excel / Word / Powerpoint / Dreamweaver / Illustrator / Photoshop / etc.

Tarot / Feng Shui / Personal Color / Art Therapy / Personality Quizzes / etc.

Yoga / Nail art / Aromatherapy / Anti- aging skin care / Make-up / etc.

Golf / Pets / Darts / Cameras / Fishing / Shogi / Cooking / etc.

SPI Mock Exams / Middle School English / Middle School Math / Interview Preparation / etc.

Business Manners / Presentations / Advertisements / Investments / etc.

Real Estate Broker / Bookkeeping / Financial Planner / Notary / Wedding Planner / etc.

“Study Mall” is a mail order learning materials site, with a focus on English language learning.

Currently, we are selling a DVD set geared towards children called ‘Native Kids’, and our ‘Versant Test Exam Prep Program’ which contains practice tests for the Versant test, an English conversation test that is gaining use as an emplyoment examination.

The goal of ‘Study Mall’ is to use the know-how that we have cultivated running our English conversation schools, and in our other English language education endeavors, to provide as many people as possible with learning materials.


Tryon is a registered distributor of the Versant Test, an English Conversation speaking test that is gaining popularity as an employment examination.

The Versant test is accesible to anyone with a phone and computer and uses a sophisticated and automated speech recognition software, which was developed by Pearson.

This test is well trusted because it is subjective and impartial in its scoring. It is widely used within Japan, and overseas at many major companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. For example, the US Department of State and the Dutch Immigration Bureau both use this test.

Both corporations and individuals can use the Versant Test.

If you apply through our company, we are able to issue you Versant test accounts. Please contact us for further information.

how to use

The Versant test measures English language skills such as speaking and listening that are difficult to measure by tests like the TOEIC ®.

The test is able to objectively and accurately analyze the English skills of your employees by using an automated language recognition system.

The Versant test is useful in preparing for employment examinations, as well as a good way to show your English ability to potential employers.


Tryon both develops and sells iPhone applications.

We focus on English and Elementary school entrance exam prep applications, using our work managing English conversation schools and our work with our education portal site as a base.

Our theme for our applications is ‘study on your cell phone’, and we aim to create applications that go beyond traditional ‘education apps’.