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Company Name:Tryon Co.,Ltd.
CEO:Takenobu Miki
Number of Employees:62
Address:Ark Mori Bldg. West Tower 30th Floor 12-32, Akasaka 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6030, Japan
Established:December 22nd, 2006
Board of Directors:
Takenobu Miki (CEO)
Kyosuke Isshiki (COO)
Takamitsu Miyaso(Outside Director)
Junichiro Hirata(Ditto)
Kakutaro Kitashiro(Ditto)
Haruhiko Kato(Ditto)
Tsutomu Akiyama(Outside Member, Standing, Audit & Supervisory Board)
Naoki Asaumi(Ditto)
Yoshiyuki Kiroko(Ditto)
Majpr Shareholders:
Japan Flagship Project Co., Ltd.
Dream Incubator Inc.
Techno Blood Co., Ltd.
M-Solutions Co., Ltd.
Kyosuke Isshiki (COO)
Description of Business:
Online consulting (Learning Portal ‘Nounai College’)
Management of English Conversation Schools
Major Business Partners:
※Consolidated Subsidiary Company:
KENT school of English Co., Ltd.
Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kasumigaseki 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki Building 13F, 100-6001
Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line (approx. 9 minute from Tameikesanno Station exit 8)
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (approx. 2 minutes from Toranomon Station, exit 11)

Since the formation of Tryon I have thought that ‘wisdom and knowledge cause people to grow’.

Using IT (information technology) people now are able to gain wisdom and knowledge, and learn from the wisdom and knowledge of the past, quickly and easily.

Tryon works to contribute to the happiness and productivity of society by using the internet, computers, tablets, robots, and the newest IT systems.

Born in Fukuoka-ken in 1972
Former Secretary to the President at SoftBank
Economic Analyst

10 years’ experience working as a project manager in the business world, from Mitsubishi Estate to SoftBank.

Contributing to the advancement of the combination of personal life and society life Takenobu Miki established the Japan Flagship Project Co., Ltd.

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+Multiple media appearances

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+「ソフトバンク 常識外の成功法則」著書(東洋経済新報社)

<Boards and Committees>

+東北学院大学 経営研究所 特別研究員
+株式会社ウイングル 社外取締役
+内閣府 原子力災害対策本部廃炉・汚染水対策チーム プロジェクトマネジメント・アドバイザー
Graduated from Tokyo University; Economics Department, Business Administration
Joined Mitsubishi Estate
Marunouchi Revitalization Project planning
Joined SoftBank Corp.
Worked as manager for various projects such as: joint ventures with Microsoft, Aozora Bank (under its former name of Nippon Credit Bank Limited) and Yahoo!BB.
Established Japan Flagship Project
Inaugurated as a board member of the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s Special Committee on the Pension Service
Inaugurated as the Project Management Advisor for the Cabinet’s Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters

Until this point our business has mainly dealt with interacting with the ways people learn. Now, we are also focusing on the ways children learn.

The ways people learn, and the way we interact with that learning, has changed with the times. For instance we now use e-learning, iOS/Android applications, real classrooms and, now, robots.

Tryon would like to contribute to people’s learning by using various kinds of IT technology, as well as real communication.

Born in Tokyo in 1976.

Former member of SoftBank BB Corporation

After SoftBank Group bought a venture working on IT evolution in existing large-scale condominium housing, Isshiki-san worked on promoting an IT infrastructure within SoftBank Group. He served as project manager in a broad range of business sectors, working in contents service planning, all the way from the inception of said services through them being put into use.
Joined Neural Inc.
Developed an optical line broadband service for an existing large scale condominium housing unit in the Kanto and Kansai areas.
Joined SoftBank BB
Was permanently transferred after Neural Inc. was purchased by SoftBank
Project Manager of YahooBB Hikari’s service for condominiums
Served as the Project Manager on ‘ProYakyuu 24’, a live-streaming cell phone service for SoftBank Group’s 6 Pacific League professional baseball teams.
Tryon established, appointed as COO